St. Thomas Historical Tour I

This relaxing tour is a special treat for all. It is laced with the excitement of the past, the reality of the present and an understanding of the future. Articulate guides will walk, then drive you through the historical district pointing out all of the historical sights on our beautiful ocean front capital; Charlotte Amalie. St. Thomas is rich in history having been settled by Spanish, English, Dutch, France and others, it is a history buffs dream. You will be amazed bythe information. We recount the days of slavery and the times of the tribes. Historical traditional medicines and musical instruments that were derived from trees. Nothing is left undone. We even use unique tour routes that are designed by artistic and creative tour specialists. Try an experience of a lifetime.

First We walk through the heart of the capital Charlotte Amalie , this historical district is loaded with canons, beautiful vistas and old fortresses where many pirates were once hung, parks where slaves were emancipated. T he 99 Steps that leads to Black Beards Castle from Kongens Gade (King Street) where you will find the quintessential Danish architecture in eighteenth century and nineteenth century edifices, spy headquarters during the Spanish American War and Franklyn D. Roosevelt Park.

Next We Drive through our rich historical district including Frenchtown, the former submarine base, the oldest Moravian Church in the Caribbean . The University of the Virgin Islands campus, ascend the hills that leads to our agricultural capital on the north side, off we go again to the highest point to take in the panoramic view of Magens Bay, the British virgin Islands and over eleven cays with amazing histories to while you sip your complimentary drink and listen to the history of the Arthur Fairchild's, Rockerfeller's, and the pirates as well. Then we descend, to an amazing explosion of views and figuratively capture Black Beards Castle , Blue Beards Castle and Fort Christian from the back! Go home with the booty.

St. Thomas Historical Tour I
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